What to Expect from Yoga Cross-Training

On the 16th and 17th of December, I will be holding a level-up workshop at Yoga Movement entitled: Yoga Cross-Training.

For those of you who are wondering just what to expect from a Yoga Cross-Training workshop, I thought I would do a quick blog post to give you a rundown of what this workshop will be like.


For the first 30-40 mins of the class, we will start with a pranayama, or breathing exercise, before moving through basic sun-salutations to warm up and stretch the body. If you’re not familiar with sun-salutations, you don’t have to worry, I will take the time to break down all the poses that we will practice during the course of the workshop.

After the warm-up, we will use the next 45 minutes to an hour to really get down into the Yoga Cross-Training. Maintening the yoga aspect of this workshop was very important to me, and I wanted use the elements of endurance, strength, and cardio training to value-add to it. As such, I plan to incorporate poses that isolate certain muscle groups and build on the intensity of that pose.

Each pose will have three levels of intensity, with multiple repititions at each level. Level 1 being the lowest and level 3 being the highest. Of course practitioners will have the option to maintain low intensity if they prefer. I have also woven “break” poses into the sequence for practitioners to have a break and catch their breath, without completely coming to a stop, so that the body does not go from 100 to 0 in an instant. Β For example, after going through the repititions of each level of Goddess Pose, we will use Wide-Legged forward fold as a break pose.

The last half hour of the workshop will be a cool down session. We will hold simple, seated and supine postures for longer durations to stretch out the major muscle groups.


See you on the mat and feel free to leave a comment with any question you might have!


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