The Importance of Acceptance

Last weekend ushered me into what my friends would call the range of my mid-twenties – that bracket from 24 to 26. I feel like a birthday is always a good points to reflect where you are in your life, what you’re currently doing, and how you feel about who and where you are in the present moment. So, I did some reflecting, and wanted to share my thoughts.

My key thought: I am happy, and content, not everyday, but most days. Which is important to me. Life is never perfect, but I am in a happy place – and I realised why, I was dealing with negative situations using a magic word ACCEPTANCE.

“Life isn’t perfect”. A spiel commonly passed down through the generations, so there’s definitely some truth in that. I don’t disagree. Even at times when life seems to connect the dots almost perfectly, either your pen runs out of ink or there’s that one dot that just doesn’t seem to fit into the picture. But perhaps that’s just how life is, there’s always a balance. Sometimes the scale tips a little bit more towards bad days, and some times there are good days.

However, it is definitely horrible when bad days just make you feel so angry with the world. Anger is an exhausting emotion, especially anger at people who don’t deserve your time spent fuming about them. I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of this on more than one occasion and it has made me realise, that I’d rather not hold on to these things. And for me, in order to calm down faster, I have to simply accept the situation – only after I have done my best to change it.

This particular mind-set has helped me so much: there are (for example) two variables in a situation. You, and variable A. If you have tried to change variable A to variable B and it works, great. But if variable A is not going to change and that is making you unhappy. Who else is left to change, You. And sometimes, you just have to remove yourself from the equation completely.

While we are are emotional creatures, sometimes ruled my negative emotions, there is a certain kind of happiness that comes from the realisation that you have the ability to control how a negative situation or environment affects you. You may not always be able to control a situation, but you can control how you see it.



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