Letting Relationships Happen

In this instance, I’m not referring to romantic relationships, although you could certainly apply this post to those relationships as well. I’m talking about the relationships we continue to make and nurture, or Β even – sadly – allow to fade.

For most people, there are core relationships that we will hold on to for our whole lives. Friends we may or may not see often, but can always come back to as if nothing as changed.

Then, there are the relationships we continue to make as we grow, learn, and change. And sometimes, its when we come across these relationships, there may be that lingering question: Do I need to put in effort to grow this new relationships when I already have established ones. Its something I believe happens more often as we grow older. Our core friends shrink to a select few that we are the most comfortable with and will always cherish.

But I’ve come to realise the beauty in opening yourself to new relationships with people you can grow to trust. With every relationship, building one can take effort and time. Some relationships and friendships can build faster that others, enjoy those, and be thankful for them. Sometimes we can live in fear of opening ourselves up to others, I’m definitely guilty of that. But then again everything you choose to do and every person you open up to is just that, a choice. Be it good or bad.Β As we continue to learn from life lessons, we can trust in ourselves and our instincts more.

Good people come into our lives to teach us new things and inspire us in different ways. Some move on, but some stay. Whatever the course of a relationship, we should let it happen. It takes effort, not force, and why should we deny ourselves more love that other people can give.



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