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Lately, I have become such a brunch person. If ever I’m planning to meet a friend and we are deciding what to do, my mind immediately flies to having brunch. Not breakfast, not lunch, BRUNCH. Let’s not even think about dinner right now. Brunch is also a meal that has been gaining popularity – cue hipster lifestyle – but here are some reasons why I feel like brunch is the best meal, maybe even better than dinner. Yes I went there!

Perfect time of the day

Its common knowledge that brunch takes place between your typical breakfast and lunch times. Although if you enjoy having brunch at another time in the day..well…you do you. (Secretly wonders what you’re thinking). But I digress. My point is, brunch is set at the perfect time of day, not too early in the morning when, if you’re not a morning person like me, you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed. Its also not too late in the day.

I don’t know about you, but if I have lunch plans, I typically give breakfast a miss – partly because I’m sleeping in – and partly because I don’t want to waste a good meal if I’m still full from breakfast. But there in lies the conundrum, I’ll be full if I eat breakfast, but I’ll way way too hungry – possibly approaching hangry – by lunch time. And so we have the magical solution: BRUNCH.

The Vibe

I’ve come to realise that no one is in a rush at brunch. This differs from dinner time when everyone wants to get a table, get their meal, and either head home or move on to other plans. At brunch, you still have a whole day stretching ahead of you. Its wonderful not to  be in a rush. Enjoy the stillness, and enjoy the people you surround yourself with. The dress code tends to be different too. I love having the options to dress up or down but still be comfy either in shorts and a top or a maxi dress.


Need I say more?

Sweet, savoury, or both

Generally it goes without saying that at breakfast you are at liberty to indulge in sweet foods, and at lunch, its savoury all the way. But, at brunch – drumroll please – you can dig in to a savoury or sweet dish without being judged, or judging yourself. Or, if it tickles your fancy, why not eat a combination of both. Waffles with maple syrup and fried chicken? Sure….

Being logical

Now this may be my most boring or interesting point. Technically, our bodies need more energy to function at the beginning of the day, hence, we can, and should eat more at the start of the day. But for most people, dinner is their biggest meal, although that is the time of day when we need the least energy. Add in the points above et voila! You have the perfect meal of the day.


 Throwback to a few weeks before Christmas 2016 when a friend and I met for brunch at a little Cafe tucked away along North Bridge Road, a short walk from Bugis MRT station. It wasn’t a crowded cafe, which I loved, and of course had the X’mas decorations out. Thinking about it makes me miss the Christmas period already.




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