Hashtag: Makeup Brush Goals

If I had a mantra, it would be “Rose Gold Everything” – well almost everything. Moderation people. So when I saw the rose gold Zoeva makeup brush collection on Sephora, I knew I needed these brushes in my life. If only because they were incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

But since the purpose of a makeup brush is much more than just to look pretty on your vanity table, I decided to try two of their eye brushes before I got the full set.

Zoeva Rose Gold 232 Luxe Classic Shader

Zoeva Rose Gold 228 Luxe Crease

Needless to say, these brushes were lovely, and I could not stop myself from getting more to add to what will most likely be a growing collection of rose gold Zoeva brushes. Although the minimalist – and mess hater – in me will probably stop myself when I have just enough. Both the 232 and 228 brushes were great for their purpose, and most importantly soft, not scratchy. My only pet peeve was that I found the luxe crease brush a little to large for me as a crease brush, though its perfect for all over blending. It does tend to fray a little but that’s a small, somewhat unavoidable issue when it comes to makeup brushes, in my opinion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with Snapseed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with Snapseed.



Zoeva Rose Gold 102 Silk Finish – I absolutely love this brush. It is so so soft, but still blends foundation like a dream. I usually find that softer brushes are not always the best at blending, but a stiffer brush can feel like you’re pulling at the skin on your face. This brush gives you the best of both. Just be wary of the fact that the white bristles tend to look dirtier, but nothing a good brush cleaner can’t fix.

Zoeva Rose Gold 106 Powder – Not much to say here except, super soft (this word may keep making an appearance and that says something), super pretty, get’s the job done.

Zoeva Rose Gold 109 Luxe Face Paint – Even though this brush is called “Face Paint”, it is essentially a contour brush. The shape of the brush intimidated me initially as I thought I would end up with just a straight line underneath my cheek bone. I was also used to dunking my previous contour brush from bare minerals into my Hoola Bronzer and still getting a sheer effect – which did not bother me, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy that brush – but with this one, just a light hand will do and you can build up the contour to get that perfect spot underneath the cheek bone. As long as you remember to blend blend blend, I promise you won’t end up with a tiger stripe.

Zoeva Rose Gold 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek – Super soft! (Again). It picks up just the right about of product and the slight curve of the brush makes it perfect for dusting blush across your cheeks.

Zoeva Rose Gold 114 Luxe Face Focus – I’ve attempted to use fan brushes for highlighter but get irritated with the lack of control and usually end up with a very obvious shimmery stripe across the top of my cheek. This small, but not too small, brush head gives me more control and can also be used as a powder brush for setting under-eye concealer.

Zoeva Rose Gold 231 Luxe Petite Crease – Now this is a crease brush I can get down with. Its smaller than the 228 Luxe Crease so it really lets you add as much definition as you want to your crease.

Zoeva Rose Gold 226 Smudger – Puurrrfect brush when I’m feeling too lazy or don’t have enough time for liquid eyeliner. I usually just use this to smudge on some dark eyeshadow as a liner or roughly draw some black kohl liner and smudge this in so soften the look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with Snapseed.



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